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          sbo利记体育官网 - 促进学习成绩优秀,有道德,身体发育和公民责任



          sbo利记体育官网学生提供了多种方式来回馈他们的学校,社区和世界全年。俱乐部,组织,基于挑战的学习小组,教室或学校广泛驱动器或简单地自愿对自己提供一些的方式学生能够进行公民行为。关于如何sbo利记体育官网还给详情,请访问我们的 基于挑战的学习  我们 会所 页面。


          Clarksville Academy is Montgomery County Green Certified - seal









          Clarksville Academy students donate over 70 pairs of shoes and multiple boxes of food, personal hygiene items and more to the Salvation Army & Manna Café during 家coming.  Students also raised over $250 for the American Cancer Society.






          较低的学校 students donate a multitude of food and personal items to Loaves & Fishes during their Jingle Bell Drive.





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